Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Neuropsych Jitters

We're off to the Neuropsych this morning.

Blink has woken up the most cheerful and social he's been in a month. "Hi, little miss E" he greeted his little sister to my shock and amazement.  He offered to share candy with her (um, please ignore the fact that I let them have a little piece of candy with breakfast!). Both of these small acts must seem so commonplace and ordinary to those not on the spectrum.  But for us?  Highly noteworthy.

Wonderful, fantabulous, hallelujah, right?  Yes.  Except part of me is getting nervous. If he's this charming and wonderful at the appointment, will they be able to see his issues?  I felt the same way at his first evaluation.  Worry worry worry.  I thought I was beyond this!  

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