Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Persistent Agony of Shoes

Spring is upon us!  But with the fresh air and the birds singing comes a familiar old challenge for Blink:  shoes.  Even in the face of the myriad winter-weather gear challenges, winter affords us a break from this perennial source of agony for Blink and everyone around him by giving him a convenient reason to wearing boots every day, inside and out.

As I write this, it is 60 degrees and sunny.  And Blink is out playing in....rain boots.  You see, he couldn't tie his shoes to his liking and he refused to try it a second time. He just learned how to tie shoes this past fall after a concerted effort by his occupational therapist, who ordered us to get him tie shoes. After a winter of avoidance, his skills have regressed a bit.  I suspect he may never enjoy tie shoes, but hope after a few weeks of acute agony he will again gain a basic proficiency.

Those close to me have asked me, gently, why I'm torturing us all.  Can't he just wear velcro shoes?  And after listening to him scream his head off this afternoon, I'm beginning to wonder as well. At what point can I safely determine he knows the skill and allow him to choose the footwear?


Lauren said...

And, there are these things called Lock Laces that I just discovered:

I found them on a running site. J has shoes with this system, though not Lock Laces specifically. The toggle thing-ie is a little large on the Lock Laces.

Just another option I figured I'd throw out there. More socially acceptable than velcro. J's a long way from tying his shoes.

Erin said...

Thanks, Lauren! I like the looks of those.