Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Specialist to Visit, Oh Boy!

I must offer my apologies for the dearth of posts lately. It's continued to be a challenging time for Blink and a time of major, multiple transitions for the entire family (more on these to come in future posts) and that's sapping my usual posting energy. 

I took Blink to the pediatrician this week, because it's become increasingly clear that he's walking funny.  Or to be more specific, toeing in.  Blink says it "feels good" to walk this way.  Hmm.  He never used to do this!  Is it related somehow to his lack of stamina, I wonder?  Of course I first realized something was going on about a week after our OT fired us, so I didn't have someone to casually run it by.  So, what the heck, to the pediatrician's we went, where Blink was charming (whew) and slightly manic in his conversations about pets.  And where we received a referral to an Orthopedist and the intimation that he'll probably need some physical therapy.

So, in a month we will see what's going on. I'm not terribly worried, but I am weary at the thought of adding another specialist to our roster. 

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