Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"I know how to reign him in."

The stars aligned and Blink woke up calm and happy this morning. I explained the situation and he was comfortable going by himself.

When I picked him up, I asked the teacher how he did without extra support.  She smiled and said, "He did pretty good. I know how how to reign him in now.  I can just tell him I'm not going to do it all for him."  She's had him in classes before, which I think helped tremendously.  I again felt a little pang that Blink at his best is still...definitively different, but it was clearly a success.

I got the sense that he demands a lot of attention in a group setting -- far more than his fair share -- but that he wasn't disruptive or explosive.  But also that her job will be easier when our wonderful PCA is better. (Stomach flu, poor thing.)

Whew! I'm relieved.


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Erin said...

Yes! (And luckily, his PCA is feeling better so he can go back to having support tomorrow.)