Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Moment to Savor

This morning, when Blink and I were dropping his sister off at preschool, he spied the big construction paper heart in the hallway where people were invited to write down the names of those they love.  I said, "Who do you love, Blink?  You can write it down." To my surprise, he eagerly grabbed the marker and wrote his sister's name and signed his own, adding that he is her big brother in parentheses. 

I have really been trying to hang onto moments like this, to let them shore up my emotional reserves for the more challenging moments. (Like his schooling....but that's another post altogether.)  Moments like this remind me that Blink is full of feeling and empathy; it's just that he has difficulty expressing it in the manner most people expect. But even so, it's clear he's making progress.

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