Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"He's asking too many questions." (Sigh!)

I sent Blink off to his second after-school class—an Inventor's Workshop—at a fantastic little nonprofit nearby that focuses on the intersection of creativity and science.  He's attended a few classes and camps in the past, with a PCA there to intervene if need be.  Blink loved the first week of his Inventor's Class, coming home full of fun ideas and stories.

I cannot tell you how much I want this place (which is right in our neighborhood, even!) to be the place.  The place where Blink can thrive and fit in and feel like he's just another kid.  The place where I can send him without support someday and feel confident he'll do well.

When I texted his PCA this afternoon to check in, she replied, "He's getting a bit confused because the workers here aren't consistent. One guy had a talk with me because Blink asked too many questions."

Cue heart sinking.

I can picture it. An enthusiastic Blink is a relentlessly inquisitive child who is filled to the brim and will ask ALL of those questions on his mind, peppering each one with an insistent, repetitive "Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me..."  A child that won't notice that he is monopolizing the teacher's attention.

I suppose it isn't realistic for me to expect a magical place where Blink's issues don't matter.  But damn it, I do!

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