Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sound of Silence

I survived the IEP meeting, faculties (almost) intact.

My best moment as an advocate was when I took a deep breath, reached in my binder and pulled out copies of a really fabulous "Dear Colleague" letter from the federal Office of Civil Rights and told the team I was sharing this to make sure we are all aware how that the federal government believes that if a school fails to protect a child with disabilities from bullying, then said child is being prevented access to a free and appropriate public education. I said, "So you can see how seriously the federal government takes this issue, and I want you to know I take it that seriously as well."

The silence was profound.

I feel like I did a good job as an advocate in a setting that is less-than-ideal for me, but yet still my frustration grows because Blink's struggles at school continue to escalate.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work! - Willa