Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Beautiful Mind (Or, How to Make Spelling More Palatable)

Blink brought home the most creative spelling test last month.

Here, for example, is his answer for shout:

Almost all of the 20 words on the test were illustrated.

I particularly like his answer for trash:

I'd show you the one for litter, but the words were almost entirely obscured by, well, litter.

I'm also partial to "hush":

I love how something like this is a window into how his mind works.

Dare I say it's also a lesson for those who educate him?  His teachers have been working to get him to complete the entire spelling test all year. For reasons only known to Blink, he had been stopping at 15 words -- that was his spelling limit. But look, on this particular day he did all 20 items. When his mind is engaged, Blink will perform.


web said...

I can't wait to show those to my pacman loving boy!

Julie said...

that is so interesting and cool!