Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh Yes, That Sounds Like My Son...

Yesterday, Blink's school had a special assembly to celebrate the school staff, culminating in an "open mic"  for students to take the stage and thank special teachers and staff. I'm told Blink took to the stage and spent about two minutes giving a very thoughtful and sweet thank you to the aide who has worked most closely with him over the past three years. He told me he was nervous standing in front of so many people but that he felt happy to be saying nice things about Ms. C.

He apparently said that Ms. C gave him his first ever Lego set (this is a very big deal as it is his current obsession) back in kindergarten and that she has been "sweet" and helped him a lot ever since.  Sniff. I wish I could have seen it.

But this uber-sweet side of Blink is only part of the story, of course.

Assemblies are loud and overwhelming and that's often bad news for Blink. Apparently, by the end of it Blink had some sort of meltdown and threw a sock(!?) at the school's principal.  Oops.

But yeah, that sounds like my son.

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